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The start of winter for me always begins with a trip to Whistler! As soon as the season starts, I am there! I can proudly say by now I’ve hit up every hot spot in the village and things to do. I try to do new things each time but still save my stomach for the musts (beaver tails, moo’s ice cream, crepe, zogs poutine…) Continue reading

Pan Pacific Whistler Village Centre Hotel

Last weekend I hit up whistler for a day to enjoy some snow. I am crossing my fingers this year we are blessed with a better winter than last. I mean I am not complaining at all that the winter is warmer.. like no no no I am not. I love warm weather!! I just feel bad for our mountains… and I didn’t get to fully take advantage of my new snowboarding gears. Bummer.

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Spa My Blend By Clarins Review (Ritz-Carlton Toronto)

I have this thing that I like to do as soon as I land somewhere new, it’s called getting my ass to the spa as soon as possible. After food of course. So I didn’t stay at Ritz during my time in Toronto.. I don’t know it just didn’t appeal to me. However, their Spa My Blend By Clarins facility looked AMAZING, also was named No. 1 hotel spa in the world by Travel + Leisure. Continue reading